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"Discover Your Life Purpose,

Declutter Your Life So You Are Free To Unlock Your Full Potential And

Design A Life That Supercharges Your Success!"

Month 1: You will set some goals of your own for coaching with me. You will take stock of your life, discover what makes your heart sing and soul smile and begin taking action.


Month 2: You will "spring clean" your life, letting go of what no longer serves you, reviewing your relationships, and what zaps your energy.


Month 3: You will identify a spark team - people who support, inspire and encourage you, as well as setting up supportive daily habits and design meaningful goals to set yourself up for the next 3 months.


Many of us struggle with not reaching our fullest potential, feeling like something is missing from our lives.

Whether we are afraid to act, don’t feel we’re good enough or worthy enough to have success, or just think it’s too hard to accomplish our greatest goals, many of us aren’t living the lives we are capable of living.


We fall back on excuses of why we aren’t living the lives we wanted and not achieving as much as we feel we should be.

This coaching program consists of 14 Tools and 13 Coaching Exercises designed to help you reach your desired goal(s)! 

As a part of this Virtual Group Coaching Program you will...

  • Set 3 Goals for what you want to get out of coaching with me.

  • Get coaching for 3 months/ 12 sessions/ 90 days around these goals.

  • Have homework - specific tools and exercises - to help "Elevate Your Life!"

  • Be coached, based on the results of these exercises, to go deeper and relate these results back to your goals. You will be coached on how these tools might help you Elevate yourself and love your life more!

  • Have monthly review and feedback forms providing a way to check-in with how you feel about progress and to guide us both on what to focus on next.

  • Complete a program highlights sheet and the end of the program to remind you of what you learned.

  • Be provided a set of wrap-up questions to highlight what you've learned and achieved during our time together and to set you up for positive forward actions.


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Can You Really Live The Life You Desire? YES, You Can!

While there are a few people who seem to be successful in everything they do, we struggle hard to stay afloat. 


This means we have no time to work on developing ourselves or to take our lives to that next level.


Perhaps you struggle to know what "that next level" is?


Maybe you don’t know what it is you really want from life in the first place?


Perhaps the issue is that our expectations are set too high, maybe as a result of the media or social pressures?


But wouldn’t it be amazing if you could design and live the life you’ve always wanted and if you could make your life everything you ever dreamed of?


Wouldn’t it be incredible if there was a real action plan that could help you to start making the very most of your life, to seize the day, and create opportunities?


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Elevate Your Life! Virtual Group Coaching Workshop


12 Week Program

  • Access to the exclusive Members Only Area.
  • 1-60 Minute Live Virtual Group Session each week.
  • Proven, results-driven 3 month program structure.
  • Designed to provide a step-by-step renewal of your life.
  • Receive 10% off all future coaching and courses upon completion.

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