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Hello, I'm Brian...

Certified Success Coach | Business Coach

...and I'm not just a Success Coach and Business Coach, but a fellow traveler on the path to self-discovery and professional achievement.


My mission extends beyond coaching; it's about connecting with each individual's story and aspirations. 


My journey into coaching stemmed from a deep-rooted desire to see people flourish in all aspects of their lives. Having navigated both triumphs and challenges in my own life, I understand the intricate dance of personal and professional growth.


This journey isn't just about reaching goals; it's about discovering who you are and what you can become along the way.

Brian Robinson Youth Pictures | About Brian Robinson Coaching

Where It All Began

I was born and raised in and near Lynchburg Virginia. I graduated high school and went to college, starting at Lynchburg College in Virginia (now called Lynchburg University).​


I was recruited to play basketball for Lynchburg College out of high school and also received a Leadership Scholarship. The weight of student loan debt was heavy so I dropped out of college, joined the military, and left Virginia at the age of 21.

Military Veteran

As a college dropout, I felt like I had something to prove so I served in the Air Force as a member of the Tactical Air Control Part (aka TACP, ETAC, JTAC). My service dates were from December 12, 1996 until January 02, 2006.


I was blessed with the opportunity to see a lot of different countries and experience the many different cultures. I also partook in the GI Bill that presented an opportunity to earn money for school.​


Having to be in top shape as a member of this particular military unit and the ability to understand the many stresses that come with serving during war time allows me use this experience to relate to others in my coaching.

Brian Robinson Military Pictures | About Brian Robinson Coaching
Brian Robinson Working in Office | About Brian Robinson Coaching

Education and Certifications

Although I accomplished some great things during my time in the military, I wasn't completely satisfied because I still felt like I was a quitter for dropping out of college.


I enrolled in school to complete my bachelors degree. That was just the beginning of my need for continuous learning.


I now have: Bachelor of Information Technology Masters of Business Administration (MBA)- Liberty University Master of Arts in Christian Leadership- Liberty University Certified Life Strategies Coach Certified Sports Nutrition Coach​Certified Personal Trainer



My love for business started very young. Living with my grandmother, I would go to the local convenient store and ask to sweep their parking lot and do odd jobs for a few dollars. I then took those dollars and bought $.03 gum and sold it to my classmates at school for .10 cents. I became so popular that I soon got in trouble with my teachers for the chaos I caused during class.


Since then, I have started and operated many business entities over the last 18 years. Along the way I have had some bumps and bruises but I took heed, dusted myself off, and learned from all my experiences...good and bad!


Now I calm the chaos in peoples lives and I love it!

Brian Robinson  | About Brian Robinson Coaching
Brian Robinson Working Out | About Brian Robinson Coaching

Some of My Favorite Things

Here are some of my favorite things to do. You and I may even have some things in common.


Doing things with my family like riding go carts and ATV's! Our favorite vacation spot is Pigeon Forge, Tn.


Coaching and motivating others to reach their potential is an absolute passion of mine.​ I also love working out, Muscle Cars, studying business, reading positive comments on my Youtube Channel, and hosting my podcast, My Success Coach Podcast!

Here's where our stories can intertwine.

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