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How to Rewrite Your Self-Narratives and Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Updated: Feb 19

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How to Rewrite Your Self-Narratives and Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Ever caught yourself deep in thought, pondering why things aren’t going the way you want? Hold that scroll and think about this for a moment: Could the stories you tell yourself be holding you back?

Today we rewrite Self-Narratives and Overcome Limiting Beliefs

In a recent episode of the My Success Coach podcast titled “The Stories We Tell Ourselves: The Role of Self-Narratives in Shaping Limiting Beliefs,” we delved deep into the topic of self-narratives and their role in shaping our lives.

The stories we tell ourselves have enormous power, often shaping our actions, decisions, and ultimately, our destiny.

However, these narratives can also form limiting beliefs that trap us in a cycle of self-defeat. So how do we rewrite these stories?

Let’s dive in.

The Stories We Tell Ourselves: The Role of Self Narratives in Shaping Limiting Beliefs

First of all, understanding the power of self-narratives is crucial. These are stories constructed from our past experiences, cultural conditioning, and personal interpretations. They shape our identity and mold our world view.

For example, if you grew up hearing that “money is the root of all evil,” you may subconsciously sabotage your own financial success. Similarly, self-narratives like “I’m not good at public speaking” can limit your career growth. In essence, these stories become self-fulfilling prophecies.

The Consequences: Limiting Beliefs

Secondly, these self-narratives often lead to limiting beliefs. These beliefs keep us from seizing opportunities and taking risks that could elevate us to greatness. For example, the belief that you’re “not a math person” may prevent you from pursuing a career in engineering, even if it’s something that genuinely interests you.

These limiting beliefs, which may have initially been based on a grain of truth or an isolated incident, become magnified into rigid, unchangeable truths in our minds.

The Solution: Rewrite Your Story

Finally, the good news is, your story isn’t set in stone. It’s never too late to rewrite your narrative. To start, identify these limiting beliefs and challenge their validity. Look for evidence to the contrary. Have you always believed you’re bad at relationships? Perhaps think about the friendships you’ve successfully maintained over the years.

Once you’ve dissected your limiting beliefs, reframe them into empowering narratives. For instance, instead of telling yourself “I’m terrible at time management,” try adopting the story, “I’m learning to manage my time more effectively each day.”


Your life is your story, and you hold the pen. Are you ready to turn the page and rewrite a chapter?

If you found this post valuable and you’re looking to take concrete steps to overcome your limiting beliefs, click the link in the bio for personalized coaching opportunities with Brian Robinson. Change the stories you tell yourself, eliminate those limiting beliefs, and truly Elevate to Great.

Your Action

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Let’s start rewriting our stories today!

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